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IshVed Biotech’s Disease-free high yielding banana plantlets: A boon for Farmers  

6th June, 2021 By IshVed Biotech
As the fact goes, banana is the one of the largest fruit crops consumed globally. Keeping in line with this fact and the quest to supply excellent quality planting material, Ishved Biotech Pvt. Ltd. has launched advanced variety of banana a couple of years back. It happened due to massive and determined efforts taken by the Founder & CEO, Shri Sanjay Wayal. During his technical visit in Israel, the collaboration with GenosarAgro was signed up. This forms the mother source of Ishved Biotech’s banana plantlets. The peculiarity of this variety, most famously called the Grand Grand Naine (GG-9) or Dwarf Cavendish, is that it is a high yielding compared to conventional planting material and suits the weather of India. The fruit fetches highest demand and rate in the market. Our bananas are proven to be true-to-type through genetic fidelity and are free of virus infections, as validated by virus indexing. Two ratoon crops are possible with this, without losing the yield subsequently. The process of producing these high yielding plantlets not only requires the best planting material but also controlled climatic factors, including temperature, humidity, light intensity and technologies to propagate it further. This is then followed by rigorous efforts taken in the greenhouses to harden these plantlets to be made available for our valued farmers. Constant efforts are taken to scrutinize the plantlets at each and every step to deliver only but the best to the farmers.Ishved Biotech is committed to its quality and we give technical guidance to the farmers as well. We hope that in these times of weather unpredictability and low-quality planting material available in the market, a lot of farmers could benefit from this collaboration. 

IshVed Biotech witnesses’ historic moment: First Date Palm Plant dispatch signals a dream come true.  

22nd October , 2023 By IshVed Biotech
In a momentous occasion for IshVed Biotech, the first ever date palm dispatch marks the realization of a long-cherished dream. The journey leading up to this moment has been one of patience, meticulous hard work and unwavering dedication. The dispatch of these 292 date palm plants belonging to 6 varieties is a testament to our commitment to preserving the genetics of the varieties.
The dispatched date palm plants, carefully selected on the basis of selection criteria, have been transplanted to their new homes in Madhya Pradesh. The commitment could also be experienced by the fact that a team of technical experts from IshVed was accompanied to deliver and transplant these plants on field to ensure successful transplantation operations.
This dispatch symbolizes the start of a new chapter in date palm farming and the commitment of IshVed Biotech towards supplying the best planting material. It is one more “feather in the cap moment” for all the IshVedians. “We’ve long awaited this moment for years and its finally here. This is just the beginning of a long-held aspiration since the inception of IshVed Biotech. We are committed to supplying the best quality planting material to the farmers” said Mr. Sanjay Wayal after the dispatch. The historic dispatch promises a promising future for not just for date palm farmers but for the date palm industry as a whole. 

Revolutionizing Bamboo Farming: Ishved Biotech's Disease-Free Plantlets Empanelled in MRGS Scheme  

20th November, 2023 By IshVed Biotech

The inclusion of Ishved Biotech's disease-resistant bamboo plantlets in the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MRGS) marks a significant milestone in the agricultural sector. This development is poised to bring substantial benefits to farmers nationwide by providing them with the opportunity to cultivate a diverse range of bamboo varieties, including Bambusa Balcooa, Dendrocalamus Brandisii, Dendrocalamus Asper, Bambusa Vulgaris (Green), Bambusa Tulda, and more. Importantly, this inclusion comes without imposing significant costs on the farmers.

The availability of disease-resistant bamboo plantlets through Ishved Biotech under the MRGS creates an unprecedented opportunity for farmers to engage in the cultivation of multiple bamboo varieties. Disease-resistant plantlets are crucial in ensuring a healthy yield and reducing potential losses due to plant diseases, thereby enhancing the prospects of successful bamboo cultivation for farmers.

The scheme appears to be a comprehensive initiative aimed at promoting bamboo plantation among farmers and enhancing rural employment. The scheme offers several advantages to farmers, primarily focusing on the accessibility of bamboo seedlings from Ishved Biotech without upfront payments, coupled with government subsidies of up to 7 lakhs per beneficiary. These incentives aim to alleviate financial constraints and encourage farmers to participate in bamboo cultivation.

Bamboo's inherent characteristics, such as rapid growth, renewability, and adaptability to diverse environmental conditions, make it an attractive crop for farmers. Additionally, bamboo holds various advantages, including its utility as a versatile building material, its antibacterial and deodorizing properties, and the exceptional breathability and absorbency of bamboo fibre. These attributes highlight the numerous benefits associated with bamboo cultivation, contributing to its appeal as a viable agricultural commodity.

By providing disease-free bamboo plantlets through Ishved Biotech under the MRGS scheme, the agricultural landscape is poised for a significant shift toward sustainable practices. Bamboo cultivation not only offers economic benefits but also promotes environmental conservation and provides avenues for increased rural employment. Overall, this initiative has the potential to bring about positive transformations in agriculture by encouraging the adoption of bamboo cultivation among farmers, thereby fostering sustainability and rural development.
Overall, this collaboration between Ishved Biotech and the MRGS holds immense promise for the agricultural sector, empowering farmers with access to disease-resistant bamboo plantlets and fostering opportunities for sustainable and profitable bamboo cultivation across the country.