Bio-Technology in agriculture is a solution to overcome malnutrition, farmer's deterioration and crop failures

Welcome to IshVed

IshVed Group Of Companies Founded in 2014 is a privately owned agribusiness headquartered in Maharashtra, India. IshVed operates in Plant Tissue Culture, Vegetable & Field crop seeds, Organic Bio-fertilizer, Production and Marketing, Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Exports, Food Processing & Corporate Farming.

IshVed Group is one of the largest agri-business companies in India. We aim at providing customers all over the world latest agriculture products as well as knowledge to increase productivity and income. IshVed Group has spread its business in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and USA.

Our Activities

Tissue Culture

We are a global leader in Plant Tissue Culture Technology with Integrated production management system in more than 65 types of plants with annual production capacity of 30 million plants per year. 

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Our Product portfolio consists of solanaceous crops- Tomato, Peppers and Brinjal, Brassica- Cabbage and Cauliflower, Cucurbits- Cucumber, Melons & Gourds, Okra, and Leafy vegetables with more than 50 varieties.

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We are one of the largest producers of chemical free Bio-Fertilizers, Organic Fertilizers, Bio-Pesticides, NPK, and Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) with production capacity of 300 MT per month.

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Farm Fresh

In our Farm to Family initiative, we are engaged in the cultivation and supplies of high quality, Fresh fruits & vegetables to across the globe.

IshVed Group of Companies

Our four units, IshVed Biotech, IshVed Crop Science, IshVed Life Science and IshVed Farm Fresh are catered to Tissue Culture, Hybrid Seeds, Bio-Fertilizer and Farm Fresh prodcuts respectively.

Our Collaborations

IshVed News

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