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IshVed Biotech’s Disease-free high yielding banana plantlets: A boon for Farmers  

6th June, 2021 By IshVed Biotech
As the fact goes, banana is the one of the largest fruit crops consumed globally. Keeping in line with this fact and the quest to supply excellent quality planting material, Ishved Biotech Pvt. Ltd. has launched advanced variety of banana a couple of years back. It happened due to massive and determined efforts taken by the Founder & CEO, Shri Sanjay Wayal. During his technical visit in Israel, the collaboration with GenosarAgro was signed up. This forms the mother source of Ishved Biotech’s banana plantlets. The peculiarity of this variety, most famously called the Grand Grand Naine (GG-9) or Dwarf Cavendish, is that it is a high yielding compared to conventional planting material and suits the weather of India. The fruit fetches highest demand and rate in the market. Our bananas are proven to be true-to-type through genetic fidelity and are free of virus infections, as validated by virus indexing. Two ratoon crops are possible with this, without losing the yield subsequently. The process of producing these high yielding plantlets not only requires the best planting material but also controlled climatic factors, including temperature, humidity, light intensity and technologies to propagate it further. This is then followed by rigorous efforts taken in the greenhouses to harden these plantlets to be made available for our valued farmers. Constant efforts are taken to scrutinize the plantlets at each and every step to deliver only but the best to the farmers.Ishved Biotech is committed to its quality and we give technical guidance to the farmers as well. We hope that in these times of weather unpredictability and low-quality planting material available in the market, a lot of farmers could benefit from this collaboration. 

IshVed’s Katol Gold Sweet Lime- A combo assurance of best yields and disease resistance.  

22nd April, 2021 By IshVed Biotech
Sweet lime is one of those unique Indian fruits, while perhaps not originating in the country has a large fan base. It tastes as it sounds. More specifically, the fruit sis sweet but retains the same essence as lime but without the mouth puckering qualities. This makes the fruit the most common citrus fruit grown in India. The best part is the array of consumption styles that is has, be it directly the fruit, the juice, jam, squash, syrups, jellies and what not that can be made from this multi-talented fruit. It is also one of the major sources of citric acid, consumed worldwide. The cosmetic industry, one of the forerunner industries, also depends on citrus products. These underlines and elaborates the multitude of uses sweet lime has. Traditionally grown seedlings are considered more susceptible to several diseases and pest, thus reducing the yield drastically. Needless to say, that best quality disease free planting material from certified nurseries would no doubt come to rescue farmer’s tension of best yields. Ishved’sKatol Gold sweet lime assures the same. The fruits, apart from being larger and more attractive than other varieties, are good for fruit processing as fruit pulp juice is high. Harvesting begins from fourth year after planting and gives two harvest in a year: one in April-May and the other in August-September. Initially, in the fourth year, the average expected yield is 60 kg/plant/year. This subsequently increases to 100 kg/plant/year from the fifth year and eventually increase furthermore as the age of the plant progresses. The plantation yields the maximum when the trees are about 10-20 years old. Ishved’s sweet lime plants are disease resistant and high yielding compared to the ones available in local markets.